Losing Faith - How I Almost Became a Vicar Before My Faith Fell Apart


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It’s time for Series 2! Liminal Podcast is about dealing with change, and this season we’ll be hearing first hand from people who’ve had the rug well and truly pulled from under their feet.
This week Liminal Podcast’s very own Gordon Hall is kicking us off with possibly the biggest change in his life, telling the story of his faith transition, and how four years ago he almost became a vicar before his entire belief system fell apart. See the show notes below for links related to the episode.
Show Notes
Last week's episode - Black Lives Matter
Peter Rollins
The Liturgists Podcast
Selection of Gordon’s old blog posts
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Liminal Podcast is for people trying to learn how to deal with life when the rug gets pulled from under your feet. Join Gordon and Joe on their journey into liminal space, as they speak frankly and honestly with friends and experts about their experiences, and ways to deal with change in a healthy way, be that through humour, self-care, science, or spirituality.

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