Slice of Life 24: Driving Lesson


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Americans may start applying for their learner’s permit when they are15 year old, after completing a course, either online or in a class. After obtaining their permit, student drivers are typically taught the rules of the road by their parents. Once a student driver is 16 and has completed 30 hours of driving, they may get their driver’s license. The event is one of life’s most important slices of life.
A: Tá pronta pra sua aula de direção?
B: Tô. Deixa só eu pegar meus óculos de sol.
A: Hoje a gente vai treinar dirigir na estrada.
B: Tem certeza? Não sei se estou pronta pra isso.
A: Bom, a gente pode praticar numa rua mais tranquila hoje, se você quiser, mas um dia desses você vai ter que enfrentar uma estrada.
B: Tá, tá bom.
A: Você tá levando a sua licença?
B: Tô, eu deixo no carro, na minha carteira.
A: Tá. Agora, onde eu botei minhas chaves?
B: Ah, não... de novo não....
A: Are you ready for your driving lesson?
B: Yeah. Let me just grab my sunglasses.
A: Today we’re gonna practice driving on the highway.
B: Are you sure? I don’t know if I’m ready for that.
A: Well, we can practice on a less busy street today if you want, but eventually we need to get you on the highway.
B: Okay, sounds good.
A: Do you have your permit with you?
B: Yeah, I keep it in the car inside my wallet.
A: Okay. Where did I put my keys now?
B: Oh no… not again…

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