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"Get a dose of new, contemporary jazz on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus. Interesting jazz fusions of funk, pop and hip-hop with artists like Axon Radio (a duo founded by bassist Cory Carleton and drummer Travis Brant), vocalist Sonia Johnson, multi-instrumentalist Matty Stecks & Musical Tramps, harpist and vocalist Pia Salvia, guitarist and keyboardist Eric St-Laurent, and the North Carolina-based band DreamRoot. Axon Radio (featuring Matt Rhode) - Pea Pie & Sissy Album: Shadow Logic Cory Carleton (b, comp), Travis Brant (d, comp) and Matt Rhode (kbds) Axon Radio (featuring Oz Noy) - Stocking Shelves Album: Shadow Logic Cory Carleton (b, comp), Travis Brant (d, comp), Matt Rhode (kbds) and Oz Noy (g) ------- Sonia Johnson - “Prelude to Danger” & “Sleeping” Album: Chrysalis Sonia Johnson (voc, comp), Stephen Johnston (g), David Ryshpan (p, kbds), Mark Alan Haynes (e-b), Max Sansalone (d, perc), Jean-Pierre Zanella (fl), Samuel Blais (as, cl), Frank Lozano (ts, b-cl), Jean-Nicolas Trottier (tb), Rémi Cormier (tp, flh), Judith Little-Daudelin, Elie Haroun (voc) and Stanley Péan (co-comp “Prelude to Danger”) ------- Matty Stecks & Musical Tramps - “Heads or Tails” & “Somersault of the Earth” Album: Long Time Ago Rumble Matthew Steckler (saxes, fl, voc, EWI, electronics, kbds on “Heads or Tails”), Keith Price (g), Matt Kozicki (b), Eric Platz (d, perc), Leanne Zacharias (cello), Catherine Wood (cl), Megan Demarest, Hannah Fearn and Lena Wilks (voc) Pia Salvia - Dark Longing Album: Blissful Sigh Pia Salvia (harp, voc), Noam Israeli (d, perc), Dor Heled (wurlitzer, org) and Dana Protsenko (spoken word) Pia Salvia - 53 Album: Blissful Sigh Pia Salvia (harp, voc) and Noam Israeli (d, perc) ------- Eric St-Laurent - “Mustard Arizona” & “Green” Album: Bliss Station Eric St-Laurent (g, kbds), Jordan O'Connor (b), Michel DeQuevedo (perc) and Sebastian Studnitzky (tp, p) DreamRoot - “Stridin’” & “Caught In A Long Goodbye” Album: Phases Ittai Korman (b), Theous Terryel Jones (d), Joe MacPhail (kbds), Lynn Grissett (tp), Serena Wiley (ts, fl, poet) and Kerisha Roi (featured voc) 00:00 - The Jazz Hole with Linus 01:15 - Pea Pie & Sissy - Axon Radio, Matt Rhode 06:17 - Stocking Shelves - Axon Radio, Oz Noy 11:15 - Prelude to Danger - Sonia Johnson 15:01 - Sleeping - Sonia Johnson 19:38 - The Jazz Hole with Linus 21:57 - Heads or Tails - Matty Stecks & Musical Tramps 27:50 - Somersault of the Earth - Matty Stecks & Musical Tramps 34:42 - Dark Longing - Pia Salvia 38:06 - 53 - Pia Salvia 41:55 - The Jazz Hole with Linus 44:30 - Mustard Arizona - Eric St-Laurent 48:51 - Green - Eric St-Laurent 54:43 - Stridin’ - DreamRoot 58:49 - The Jazz Hole with Linus 60:50 - Caught In A Long Goodbye - DreamRoot 63:42 - Finish "

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