How To Release Anxiety To God | Resilient Part 3


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What burdens are you carrying? Maybe you have concerns for your children. Or your aging parents. Maybe it’s your marriage that keeps you up at night. Or you’re dealing with a new medical diagnosis. We all struggle with anxiety - some concerns are small and others feel like the weight could crush us.

Here’s the good news: Jesus can be trusted to CARRY YOUR CARES! You can lay down everything that you’re struggling with at the feet of Jesus. In this message, Pastor Tim Lucas teaches us how to release anxiety to God and effectively trade our stress for God’s strength and peace.

This is a core practice that every follower of Christ must master in order to be resilient. It’s called “benevolent detachment.” In prayer, you must release whatever is burdening you into the hands of God and leave it there. If you’re going to live in a world filled with so much heartbreak, this skill is a must. You can release your cares and concerns into the hands of a loving God… and leave the outcome up to Him. If you struggle with anxiety and overwhelming thoughts, this is a life-changing way to pray.

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