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if you had to complete this sentence: My heart is weighed down by _________. What would you write? What worries are bogging you down in this season? Is it finances? Your children? Your marriage? A relationship? Your career? Loneliness?

Life is full of challenges that can leave us feeling depleted, weary, and weak. So, how can you develop the inner strength you need to push ahead? Jesus knew that we would need to replenish our souls… with HIS inner strength. That’s how we maintain deep reservoirs of resilience that give us the ability to bounce back in challenging times.

The strength we get from Jesus is “the strength to prevail.” This is not physical strength, like endurance. This is not optimism and looking on the bright side. This is not feeling refreshed by taking a vacation. This is a supernatural inner strength that only God can give you. It strengthens your heart, your mind, and your spirit!

In this message, Pastor Kayra Montanez teaches us how to tap into the strength that prevails by turning every hard time in our life into a holy time with Jesus Christ! If you’re overwhelmed, check out this message and discover how to overcome hard times.

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