Over-Doer, This is Why You Get Snarky -- Hidden Obstacle to Relationship Satisfaction


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Are you an overdoer? Are you running on empty? Do you worry about people and then get upset when they don't worry about you? If so, you're not alone. Those of us who have difficulty speaking our truth can find it easier to take care of others than to care for the self. And while on the surface, this seems like an endearing quality, it is a recipe for relationship disaster. Listen in as Life Coach and Codependency Recovery Coach Lisa A. Romano gets honest about what makes her snarky and how her development journey can help you acknowledge a quality in yourself that might need some improvement too.

Lisa A. Romano is a Life Coach, meditation teacher, and bestselling author who is changing how victims of emotional abuse and neglect overcome subconscious limiting beliefs through her flagship course, The 12-Week Breakthrough Coaching Program. Her online codependency recovery program offers a sound methodology that allows students to take immediate action they benefit from. Her framework supports self-inquiry through a practical, organized, distilled, proven process that results in mental clarity, emotional responsibility, peace of mind, and life skills that foster self-empowerment. Her experiential wisdom, actionable tools, and proven systems and processes have assisted adult children of alcoholics, and those wounded in childhood, to find the courage to live life on their terms instead of remaining in toxic relationships and perpetual states of self-abandonment that mirror painful childhood experiences. Her program is offered live with one-to-one coaching and as a self-paced course. The next live course launches in February 2023


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