Episode 553: Dr. Scott Baldwin, BYU Professor, Early-Release Missionary


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My friend Scott Baldwin (BYU Professor, Clinical Psychology, Married Father of 5) shares the experience of his mission in 1997 ending after 8 days. Scott talks about the shame and sadness he felt leaving the MTC and not completing a mission. Now 25 years from that experience, Scott shares insights, principles, and perspectives to help other early-release missionaries feel hope in the moment and for their future. Scott’s wife Autumn joins us to share why she married Scott and loves this part of his journey because of the his gifts and Christlike attributes to help others. If you are an early-release missionary, this podcast will help you as Scott has the long-view of this road. And if you are a local leader, parent or friend, please listen to this podcast to help the current (or future) early-release missionaries in your circle. Thank you, Scott, for sharing your story—along with your academic and clinical insights into this space. Combining all those perspectives helps us better support early-release missionaries. Honored to have you on the podcast! References: Dr. Burden-Stelly resilience quote is at: https://twitter.com/blackleftaf/status/1539737405091110912 Dr. Scott Baldwin’s clinical practice is at: https://scott-baldwin.clientsecure.me ** Please Check Out My New Book (Listen, Learn and Love: Improving Latter-day Saint Culture; link below) which has a chapter on this subject ** Deseret Book: https://deseretbook.com/p/listen-learn-love Amazon: amazon.com/dp/1462139566

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