Episode 557: Noah Walker, OCD Subsets


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My friend Noah Walker (age 20, active LDS, college student) shares his story with OCD with a focus on some of the “taboo” subsets including harm OCD and pedophilic OCD. Noah talks about egosyntonic (line up with values) and egodystonic (don’t line up with values)—a critical difference in understanding these subsets. Noah also talks about this path to hope and healing—and how he pulled out of feeling suicidal. Noah also talks about Alma’s seed experiment and how this applies to his journey. Noah concludes with seeing God’s hand in the whole process. If you are working to understand and solve OCD, Noah’s podcast will help you. If you want better tools to help others, Noah’s story and insight will help you. Thank you, Noah, for sharing your story. It will help so many. You are a good man. You can find Noah on Instagram @noahwalker0315 ** Please Check Out My New Book (Listen, Learn and Love: Improving Latter-day Saint Culture; link below) which has a chapter on this subject ** Deseret Book: https://deseretbook.com/p/listen-learn-love Amazon: amazon.com/dp/1462139566

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