Episode 560: David Cook, Latter-day Saint Democrat


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My friend David Cook joins us to share his journey as a life-long Democrat. David isn’t on the podcast to recruit for new Democrats, but rather to help create space in our congregations for different political perspectives to be welcomed and valued. David, who has been on this road his whole life, has the long view for younger liberal Latter-day Saints looking for voices and their needed perspectives. David shares his own journey (including a commitment to civil rights for over 35 years and putting politics aside during his church service) and suggestions for younger Latter-day Saints in their sometimes-difficult journey about where we are as a Church on issues close to their hearts. If you are a politically liberal Latter-day Saint, David’s podcast will help you. If you are not a liberal Latter-day Saint, perhaps David’s podcast will also help you and give you added tools and insights to help create Zion—where we bring our differences together so our “hearts are knit together as one.” Thank you, David, for being on the podcast. Your words and insights helped me. Thank you for all your work in many circles. ** Please Check Out My New Book called "Listen, Learn and Love: Improving Latter-day Saint Culture" David wrote Chapter 9 ** Deseret Book: https://deseretbook.com/p/listen-learn-love Amazon: amazon.com/dp/1462139566

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