Episode 562: Jody England Hansen, Navigating Dissonance and Paradox


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My friend Jody England Hansen (married mother of three, active Latter-day Saint) shares her story growing up in family that valued critical thinking, activism, looking out for the most marginalized and moving forward with the complexities/beauties of being a Latter-day Saints. Jody also shares insights about her father, Eugene England, who was one of the most influential Latter-day Saints in our lifetime. Two biographies about Eugene England were published in 2021: Eugene England: A Mormon Liberal by Kristine Haglund: https://www.amazon.com/Eugene-England-Liberal-Introductions-Thought/dp/0252086007 Stretching the Heavens: The Life of Eugene England and the Crisis of Modern Mormonism by Terryl Givens: https://www.amazon.com/Stretching-Heavens-Eugene-England-Mormonism/dp/B09NMQ43M3/ You can read more about Eugene England and his work at https://www.eugeneengland.org/ If you are looking for tools to move forward as a Latter-day Saint with the dissonance/paradox that can be part of your journey, please listen to Jody’s insights. She has a long view of being on this road and has remarkable insights to help you. Thank you, Jody, for being on the podcast. Your soft heart, gospel insights, and love for all of our Heavenly Parents’ children is deeply moving to me. Thank you for your beautiful life ministry.

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