Episode 563: Mark Morgan, Long-Term Recovery From Addiction


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My high school friend Mark “Mini” Morgan joins us to talk about his journey into and then out of addiction. Mark bravely shared his story in this June 8, 2022, Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/mark.morgan.5439/posts/pfbid02ToW5aoKvuKzohpyCMd2CJqhgd3jXWGGu11AmEGWFVJigTxmocEGLueZByd6FjjHil In this post Mark writes: “21 years ago, today my life was at rock bottom. Arrested for a second time with a whopping .62 cents to my name and homeless. Estrangement and despair come to mind. Divorce, heartbreak, disappointments, and darkness all seemed relevant back then. Today, I am a person in long term recovery.” Mark is now in a good place and works Valley Behavior Health as a licensed substance use disorder counselor. In his work, Mark is able to help others to recovery. If you are working to address and solve addiction, Mark’s story will help you. And if you are working to help others, perhaps Mark’s insights will be helpful. Thank you Mark for being on the podcast. You have my continued love, support and respect. Just like during our high school days, you continue to bring light, unity, connection, and hope.

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