Episode 588: Bryson Lind, RM, BYU Grad, Gay, Clinical Mental Health Counselor


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My friend Bryson Lind (early 30s, Active LDS, Single, Undergrad in Psychology, Masters in Mental Health Counseling) joins us to share his journey as a gay Latter-day Saint. Bryson talks about the growing up years, his mission, and returning to college. Bryson talks about feeing “monstrous and dark” inside because of his feelings towards men in spite of giving everything on his mission. He talks about coming out to a Bishop and BYU-I (not a good experience) and then being suicidal and the positive/lifesaving experience coming out to his Bishop at Utah State Bryson talks about many positive experiences at BYU (community, professors, friends, and committees) and his supportive YSA leaders during his graduate work in Denver. Bryson also talks about, in a deeply moving segment, reconstructing his relationship with Heavenly Father including “the person you think I am, isn’t the person I am.” Bryson talks about his clinical work at the Marriage and Family Clinic in Spanish Fork (link in the show notes) focusing on LDS LGBTQ. Thank you, Bryson, for being on the podcast. Your story is powerful. I encourage everyone to listen. And if you are looking for a therapist, please consider reaching out to Bryson. Links mentioned in the podcast: https://www.marriageandfamilyclinicutah.com/about-1 bryson@themarriageandfamilyclinic.com

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