Theosophy and Occultism Audiobook by G. R. S. Mead


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Listen to this audiobook free with a 30-day trial. Go to Title: Theosophy and Occultism Subtitle: Theosophical Classics Author: G. R. S. Mead Narrator: Sandra Brautigam Format: Unabridged Length: 28 mins Language: English Release date: 10-13-16 Publisher: Lamp of Trismegistus Genres: Religion & Spirituality, Religious Thought Publisher's Summary: Published in 1892, in this piece Mead explains that anyone can be a Theosophist, but in order to be considered an Occultist, the individual must be an agent of practice, not theory, and must have the wisdom to differentiate good from evil. Simply claiming to be an occultist and having basic knowledge on general subjects is not enough to truly be considered one. One of the great, underrated writers of Esoterica. Contact me for any questions:

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