Top 5 Things To Know Before You Start Intuitive Eating


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Intuitive eating is not an invitation to binge eat junk food, nor is it a restrictive diet. Intuitive eating is a practice and pursuit that is rooted deeply within all of us, but something that many of us have forgotten over time thanks to societal norms and diet culture. This episode is all about inviting you to discover intuitive eating as a lifestyle framework and prepare you for the new mindset ahead.

Finding A More Peaceful Relationship With Food & Your Body

If you are sick and tired of being obsessed with food and your body, are afraid or unsure of how to start intuitive eating, or maybe need a reality check on your expectations when it comes to intuitive eating, this is the episode for you. Answering many of the questions I get all of the time in response to this topic, today I am here on a solo episode to help you start on the action of transformation in your life.

Everything you need to know before returning to intuitive eating as a practice and pursuit is jam-packed into this episode so that you can get a better idea of what you are getting yourself into, and the diet culture you are getting away from. I am here to defend your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing, and I truly believe that the pervasive and judgemental diet culture that society has told us we need to follow is a detriment to all of the realms of your health.

It may take time, but finding a more peaceful relationship with food and your body, getting over your obsession, and having the time and energy to apply yourself to things you enjoy doing is so worth the time and effort. It only takes small, incremental steps to start to see a world of difference in the way you view yourself, others, and the world around you.

How do you feel about intuitive eating? Share your experience with me in the comments section of the episode page.

In This Episode

  • How to break free from diet culture and how it impacts how you view your body (11:05)
  • Tips for tuning into your inner signals to discover the foods that you actually like (14:18)
  • Learn about the 10 core principles of intuitive eating as a lifestyle framework (18:50)
  • Why intuitive eating is hard at the beginning but gets easier as you go (21:04)
  • What to do if you want to gain clarity around what is truly important to you (28:05)


“Our default nature is as intuitive eaters, so when I say ‘what you need to know before you start intuitive eating’, it just really is a bit of a hat tip to the fact that somewhere along the way the vast majority of you, including myself, have lost touch with our inner intuitive eater.” (11:03)

“There is a common perception that intuitive eating is the polar opposite of dieting, which is very restricted and very regimented. And that is false.” (13:48)

“Intuitive eating as a named framework has 10 principles. And they all overlap and they are all designed to help you repair your relationship with food and your body.” (19:00)

“Intuitive eating and dieting are very different. A diet starts off easy and gets harder as you go. Intuitive eating starts off harder and gets easier as you go. They are very different paradigms.” (21:59)

“It’s okay that it is going to take time, you are worth it! Finding a more peaceful relationship with food and your body, getting off the crazy obsession with food and your body, having the time and energy to do other stuff, and care about other things is life-changing. It’s worth doing the work, it is worth the time it is going to take.” (31:51)


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