Season 1 Ep 4: SEC says YES to Nodes & Decatur parents say NO to "Hair" Brained Policy


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Shontavia and Tonya walk through the past two weeks of law, innovation and tech news after discussing what’s been good with them, which includes Shontavia’s participation in a new meme documentary and Tonya’s recent interview on the Daily Tech News Show Podcast. Shontavia isn't happy with the recent influx of hair discrimination events around the country, but she’s encouraged by new legislation in New York and California designed to combat it. Tonya is cautious about the SEC’s interest in blockchain nodes. Both cohosts are unimpressed with Senator Josh Hawley’s crusade against big tech with the [not-very] SMART Act bill, which would ban infinite scroll and automatically limit a user’s time on social media to 30 minutes a day. The LIT Podcast closes out with a request for listeners to VOTE UP the team’s SXSW 2020 panel proposals:

  • Shontavia is excited that her melanin was poppin’ in an upcoming documentary she’s in about memes. She’s also celebrating Cyntoia Brown being released from jail, though there are some questionable circumstances surrounding Brown’s new husband.
  • Tonya podcast creeps with Tom Merritt of Daily Tech News Show Podcast to continue her deep dive convos into corpocurrencies like Facebook’s LibraCoin and the new Walmart’s patent filing for a cryptocurrency project that shares many similarities (and some important differences) with Libra.
  • Please VOTE UP our SXSW panel ideas!
WHAT'S GOT YOU LIT™· Shontavia wants to talk about hair, especially the ways black hair has been underappreciated and overly criticized and discriminated against. She discusses the recent backlash against Narvie Harris Elementary School in Decatur, Georgia, and the legal implications where someone publicly displayed a poster of black kids with “appropriate” and “inappropriate” hairstyles. 100% of the “inappropriate” styles were traditional and/or popular African-American hairstyles.
  • Tonya talks about the SEC’s recent RFP for contractors to run blockchain nodes on several blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, BitoinCash, ZCash, and XRP. Then she and Shontavia chat about the zany new bill sponsored by Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) that seeks to reduce social media usage to 30 minutes a day.


· Shontavia advises content creators to develop a strategy for protecting the work they’ve created, using the current “Choppa Style” copyright lawsuit as a cautionary tale.
  • Tonya gives several reasons to take a class, hone a skill, or prepare for your next opportunity in some type of continuing education. She challenges listeners to identify what type of continuing education you need at this stage of your life and career. From upskilling to re-entering the job market to preparing to leave the 9-to-5 and pursue your passion. There’s something for everyone to level up and make your fire work.
SHOW LINKS · Cyntoia Brown Released From Prison After Serving 15 Years of Life Sentence· Probation and Parole Systems Marked by High Stakes, Missed Opportunities· Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2019· Pam From Total Says Her Ex, Cyntoia Brown's New Husband, Is Using Her For Clout· Georgia school faces backlash for photos of "appropriate" and "inappropriate" hairstyles for black students· Cardi B, French Montana Sued You Chopped My Beat & Didn't Pay!!!· Tonya on Daily Tech News Show Special with Tom Merritt· Walmart Seeks to Patent a Way for Using Digital Cryptocurrency· SEC to Run Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP Nodes · SEC Seeks Contractors to Run Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency Nodes· Senator Josh Hawley’s bill to limit your Twitter time to 30 minutes a day, explained · Brave browser· View Ads, Get BAT: Brave Delivers on ICO Promise of Paid Web Browsing· About Brave and BAT, the Basic Attention Token· Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, Explained (Evans) [13:18]· Please VOTE UP our SXSW panel ideas!

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