Season 1 Ep 3: Electric Sliding for PR and the IRS Comes for Crypto


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After deciding that FX’s Pose and Janet Jackson’s headlining residency in Las Vegas are “what’s good” this week, Shontavia and Tonya walk through what’s got them lit. Shontavia isn’t happy with Megan Thee Stallion’s trademark lawyer, who neglected to file a trademark application for the rapper’s viral phrase HOT GIRL SUMMER before some random guy in Washington, D.C. Shontavia also walks through the copyright history the Electric Slide and the dance’s recent adoption by Puerto Rican #RickyRenuncia protestors. Tonya breaks down the IRS’s 10,000 letters searching for crypto use and the implications for crypto investors. She also covers Facebook’s $5 billion fine for privacy violations, which she says isn’t large enough to punish Facebook for its activities.
  • Shontavia just celebrated her birthday by binge-watching Pose and thinking about the culture and colloquialisms we’ve taken from LGBTQIA+ culture. And Tonya debuts her sultry voice to serenade her.
  • Tonya humble brags about heading to Vegas (babaaaay) for an early birthday present to herself. She lost her hearing and her voice but got her entire life at the phenomenal Janet concert (Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty). Janet Jackson is in residence until August 17, 2019.
  • Shontavia explains why Megan Thee Stallion needs a better trademark lawyer and strategy and how the Electric Slide became the signature dance of the #RickyRenuncia protests
  • Tonya covers the IRS treatment of crypto currencies as property and the agency’s recent move to contact 10,000 crypto holders regarding tax consequences. And also the bogus Facebook fine levied by the Federal Trade Commission.

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