The War on Cars? Part I - Doug Gordon


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Are we talking about a literal war on cars here...not quite. Cars do have their legitimate place in our cities. But in many cities they’ve become the only real and viable way of getting around for millions of people and that comes with many, many problems unleashed on society at large. So where do cars belong in our cities then?

My guest today is podcast host and Brooklyn New York better streets activist Doug Gordon with the very fun and popular podcast called The War on Cars.

In this episode Doug talks about what he means by the podcast name and how it came to be. He also talks about why he lives in a massive city like New York City, what a livable neighborhood is like and all of the ways that a city oriented around the car prevents cities from being truly livable.

My conversation with Doug was a fascinating one and one that went long enough that I decided to release it in two parts. So this is the first part of the series.

Follow the work of Doug on Twitter and definitely check out his work with The War on Cars podcast.

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