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Release overwhelm, get unstuck, and take action!

Does this sound like you, friend? You have a deep desire to create change in your life, so you read personal development and growth-minded books, tune into your fave coaching podcasts, and are constantly in learning mode.

But you still feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

Which leads to feelings of failure, burnout, and frustration.

I’ve been there, and what helped me shift my life was purposefully learning a little less so I could implement more through a series of small, sustainable habits over time.

If you’re looking for someone to guide you to meaningful, lasting change then you’ve come to the right place!

In this podcast, we explore powerful habits, mindset shifts, goals with soul, self awareness and lifelong learning, all while cultivating joy and practicing gratitude.

If you’re ready to make yourself a priority again, live with a lens of positive thinking, embrace the idea that your mindset is a choice, and accept that attitude is the creator of your reality - then you’ve found your people.

I’m your host, Kate House. By day you can find me running around our small town of Gettysburg, PA with my two little boys as a stay-at-home mom and wife to my college sweetheart.

By night I’m the host of The LBD Podcast, health coach, educator, meditation enthusiast, slow-but-steady-runner, and unapologetic advocate for you living your dream life.

As an expert researcher, let me go down the rabbit-hole of learning on your behalf, and then I’ll share with you the best of what I’ve discovered so you can reap all of the same benefits in half the time…and without the overwhelm of over-learning!

So pop in your earbuds, press play, and together, let’s live by design and not default.

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