113: Half the Sugar, All the Love with Jennifer Tyler Lee


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In this episode, I’m joined by Jennifer Tyler Lee. Jennifer is an award-winning author, game creator, self-trained home cook, and healthy eating advocate.

In her newest book is called Half the Sugar, All the Love.

Jennifer and I connected on Instagram as we both help people with sugar addiction. But as you’ll hear in this episode, we have different approaches. I coach people through the 21-Day Sugar Detox where they learn how to stop eating sugar to change their palette (and mindset) so they no longer crave sweet things.

Jennifer shares delicious low-sugar recipes to show that reducing added sugar doesn’t mean completely giving up the foods you love. She shows you how to sweeten foods, both savory and sweet, naturally with fruits and vegetables instead of added sugar.

Jennifer’s easy, healthy recipes have also been spotlighted by Jessica Alba, Jamie Oliver, Michael Pollan, Oprah, Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn Kids, Whole Foods, Parents Magazine, and US Weekly, among many others. She is a featured contributor at Red Tricycle and shares her recipes each week on her blog, www.52newfoods.com.

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