"Signs of Aging- A Short Film on Living" with Tara Gadomski


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This week's episode sparks conversation on the term "anti-aging" with filmmaker and director, Tara Gadomski. Tara wrote and directed this short film, which employs dark humor to get across the point that aging is something that none of us have any control over. We discuss the beauty industry's marketing messages, and how they use dangerous terms like "flaws" or "corrections" for aging skin.

We had a great time discussing the film, the actors and why Tara felt compelled to create this film.

Tara gives a synopsis of this short, ten-minute film which is really a great conversation starter about how we view the aging process.

You can catch "Signs of Aging" on Vimeo here. Or on Amazon Prime here.

To connect with Tara and read more about the film, find the press kit here.

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