403 - Chris Bintliff on Filling Gaps in a Niche and Building Marketing Engines That Work


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Today’s guest is Chris Bintliff. Chris is the owner of Not Really Rocket Science, an agency focused on helping businesses bridge the gap between sales and marketing. He’s all about helping his clients understand their customers and building a marketing engine that works.
With a background in digital learning, Chris took interest in digital marketing when he realized the huge disconnect between what people felt was important and what was actually important.
Chris spends a lot of his time asking ‘why’ and encouraging his client’s to think about their customers first and then work backward to determine the type of marketing engine that will support their customer base.
There’s a constant tension between our ability to create a clear value proposition and our audience’s ability to hear it. And one of the ways Chris was able to clarify his entire approach was by focusing on one person. It can be really scary to implement, but aiming all of your marketing at one person can create a very clear and compelling message.
Confidence plays a big role in this as well. Chris started out taking $400 gigs because that’s all he could find and he wasn’t confident in his work or his abilities. But he used it as a learning experience, soaking up everything he could, and as his career matured, he was able to refine his skills and client base and find the right niche.
And the refining never stops. Currently, Chris’ business is shifting away from a consultancy to an agency model. He’s also working on courses and other related products.
In this episode Chris talks about:
  • Getting to the ‘why’ of one’s marketing efforts and tactics
  • Helping companies find their marketing identity
  • The importance of not falling back into old marketing habits
  • The value of marketing automation and relationship-building with clients

Main Takeaways
  • Keep asking ‘why’ until you get to a business’ true pain points.
  • You can accelerate niching down by ignoring the noise and focusing on one person.
  • As the expert in your field, you have to be confident in your abilities. That’s what your clients hired you in the first place. You have to own it.

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