410 - Andrew Askins on Burnout, Pivoting, and Creating a Company People Want to Work For


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Today’s guest is Andrew Askins. Andrew is the founder of Krit, a startup turned app design and development studio that helps other startups turn their ideas into realities.
While still in school at University of South Carolina, Andrew had an opportunity to join an accelerator program for his SaaS app. Though he was able to get it off the ground and attract a few thousand users, he starting burning out.
At the same time, he and his team were consulting with a few companies and it became something they enjoyed enough to go all-in. They started as a catchall digital marketing agency but realized after a couple of years that they needed to niche down and find their true sweet spot - working with startups.
The decision to pivot from startup to consultants was not an easy one. There was a lot of doubt along the way and it took landing a big project to finally feel a little more at ease with the decision.
Though he and his team kept it simple to start with, they’ve evolved both their business and their messaging over time to encompass their target market as well as the strengths of the team.
At the end of the day, Andrew’s goal is to put people first in his business. And a big part of that is creating a transparent business model with clear values.
There’s a lot going for Andrew these days, from brining on the company’s first new hires, to refining their systems and processes, as well as launching a new info product.
In this episode Andrew talks about:
  • Letting go of a startup he’d spent nearly two years building.
  • Keeping things simple when you’re starting out.
  • Understanding the difference between clients who aren’t a good fit and those who just don’t fit with your primary messaging.

Main Takeaways
  • How you communicate what you do matters. Be sure you are creating the right narrative around your business and value proposition.
  • To have a successful startup, each part of the business should understand and care about the other parts. Development should care about design, design should care about sales, etc.
  • Find clients who are equally as invested in you as you are with them. It can make or break a product.

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