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Niching down is something you’ve heard talked about on this show way back at the start.
Many people I’ve spoken to have seen the value in niching down, but haven’t found that solution that shows them the way, or at the very least points them in a direction.
There are many fears and questions to be addressed and answered.
Questions like “how do you test the waters while still doing existing client work?”
“How to fill-in the gaps in a niche that’s already occupied?”
“How to build a proper value proposition to explain what you do?”
“How to position yourself as the go-to person in your niche”
“How to get and use the language of your client?”
“How do you expand the niche?”

Each week in Season 4 I’ll bring on a co-host who’s specialized their business and we’ll dive deep on one of these questions.
Each co-host has niched down and has a very specific business model that serves a particular client extremely well.
The episode they come on will be focused on what they’ve been more successful in.
By the end of the season you’ll understand why niching down is beneficial to not just you and your business, but more so for your clients.
You’ll have a comprehensive look at the entire process of niching down and hear actionable strategies that work in today’s market.
Season 4 of Live In The Feast is shaping up to be the best freelancer podcast season you’ve ever heard.
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