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I have been wronged, but I have not been a victim.

I have been broke, but I have not been poor.

I have been unhappy, but I have not been bitter.

I have known loss, but I have not been defeated.

I have bent, but I have not been broken.

In life, we have total control over just two things, our attitude, and effort.

Our circumstances are often out of our control but how we respond to them is totally on us.

We all face trials and tribulations, do not let those define who you are.

You may have been wronged but you can choose to not be a victim.

You may be broke but you can choose to not be poor.

You can be unhappy and choose not to be bitter.

You can lose and choose to not be defeated.

You can bend and choose not to break.

We may not get to choose what happens to us but we can choose how we respond.

You have some choices to make, control what you can control.

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