Haters Gonna Hate


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I remember talking to a colleague about ten years ago after we bought our first couple of rental properties.

He was super condescending and basically said "that's cute, everyone is buying rentals these days."

I don't think that he meant to be, he may have been well-intentioned.

He acted like it was trendy and a fad.

Maybe it was, hell maybe it is but the jokes on you buddy.

We got addicted to it, went all in like it was a box of Oreo's and a gallon of milk.

No self control whatsoever .

Some people may have jumped in and quit but we've stayed for the long haul .

I don't know what made me think of this conversation today but I wanted to share with my Facebook family.

Do not let someone belittle your plan, dreams, and goals. Unfortunately it will usually be people close to you and not strangers.

Be careful not belittle others plan even if you are well intentioned.

Surround yourself with people who have vision and understand how to execute it, those who don't say things like "that's crazy" or "that won't work."

Be around the misfits and rebels, the crazy ones who also think they can change the world. They are your people.


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