Win At All Costs


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I want to win, but not at any cost.

I will win, but not at any cost.

I want to build an empire, but not at any cost.

I will build an empire, but not at any cost.

Not anymore, at least.

As a young man, I would have sacrificed any and everything.

The end always justified the means.

I read “The Prince” and thought Machiavelli was writing literally but with wisdom, I’ve learned, maybe it was satire.

My health.

My relationships.

My faith.

All that mattered was winning. I could put anything aside to achieve my goals.

I believed it was an admirable trait, I looked down on others not willing to sacrifice the same.

The truth is, I really didn’t have anything that mattered in my life.

It’s easy to convince yourself it is a sacrifice but is it really when you don't have anything to lose?

Nope. It only gains meaning, it is only a sacrifice when you truly have something to lose.

Today I was honored to baptize my eldest, in the same baptismal I was baptized in as a child.

In the last decade since she was born, Kaitlin and I have built so much. We have grown so much.

We now have so much to lose. This drives me more than when I had nothing to lose.

It scares most people, it stops them from taking risks.

For now, the sacrifices mean something. They are real, they hurt a little more.

I will win but not at the cost of my faith, my family, or my health.

I will build an empire, with my family by my side and honor our Lord at the same time.

You can have everything you want in life. You can have financial success, a faith life, and a family by your side.

The secret is, it’s harder than you can ever imagine.

It’s harder than the sacrifices I made when I had nothing to lose.

It takes planning, being intentional, and working harder than you ever thought possible.

You have to work as hard at being a good father, husband, and son as you do in business.

You have to strive to be the best disciple you can be. You have to prioritize your life.

None have to suffer for the other if you decide you are willing to make it happen.

You have to become the most elite version of yourself though.

I will win. I will build an empire.

I just will not have to sacrifice the most important things to me, I will do it with and for them.

I will Live it Full.

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