#047 Ashley of Crazy Urban Vegan on Positivity & Choosing Happiness


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After growing up in a meat eating household and never quite feeling right about it Ashley of Crazy Urban Vegan went vegetarian. Once Ashley realized her health woes of ulcers, uterine fibroids, acid reflux, and weight gain, needed some extra attention she decided to go vegan. She relates the switch in herself to an immediate frequency change, a good feeling she says she was instantly addicted to. Since going vegan she has lost 50 lbs, gotten off all medications, cured her ulcers, and reduced her fibroids to almost non existence. The most impressive thing about it all is that she never focused on the weight or the way her body looked, she focused on how she felt and everything else fell into place. Ashley has completely changed her life with veganism, and attributes some of that change to positive thinking. She wasn't naturally a positive thinker, but has changed into someone who practices mindful meditation, yoga, and hosts 24 hour positive thinking challenges on her Instagram. In this episode Ashley shares her thoughts on how to best transition to veganism (should you go cold turkey or not?), how she switched her thinking from a negative and worried space to a positive and loving mindset, and Ashley talks about something she manifested that is happening in her life now. Plus we talking about how 'choosing happiness' can make the biggest difference in your day. Once you listen to this episode, try out choosing happiness, tag Ashley and I (@CrazyUrbanVegan & @LivePlanted) and tell us that you're going to #choosehappiness for the day. Lets get this happiness movement going! Want more from this episode? Find out what we talked about off air and more: http://bit.ly/CrazyUrbanVeganPost Find Ashley aka Crazy Urban Vegan: https://www.crazyurbanvegan.com https://www.instagram.com/crazyurbanvegan/ https://twitter.com/crazyurbanvegan Mentioned on the Show: ➜Kaitlyn Cahshmere's Recipes for Live Planted: http://liveplanted.com/category/kaitlyn-cashmere/ ▶️ Connect with Live Planted here: Website: liveplanted.com Email: LivePlanted@Gmail.com Twitter: twitter.com/LivePlanted Instagram: www.instagram.com/liveplanted/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/LivePlanted/ ✮Support the podcast- Give us a review & subscribe in iTunes (preferably a 5✮!) The more reviews, the greater chance someone else will hear the podcast. Or share the podcast on social media- lets get the word out!

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