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Liverpool Comedy Improv is an ever growing community of improvisers that span the globe. Every member of the community brings so much to improv and every player is unique in their own way. This podcast series will give me the opportunity to delve deep into all things improv and life with a guest from the LCI community. I want to know how people got into improv? The impact it has had on their life? & What struggles they have had to overcome inside and outside of improv? & away from improv what is their life journey. I want to learn all about the high’s and low’s of each guests life and find out what really makes them tick. What is their improv style? What impact has improv had on their life? & What does their improv future hold? I will give each guest a platform to tell their story and I want to give you the listener a chance to hear ordinary people telling us about their extraordinary lives. This podcast is the true story of making make stuff up.

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