How To Make 7 - Figures With Instagram Ads + Shopify Drop Shipping πŸ’΅ (While Living In Thailand)


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John ran into me 3 years ago in Chiang Mai (he was a subscriber) and had just quit his job and started doing e-commerce. Then this year, I ran into him again in Chiang Mai... and just a little bit had changed.... he'd done multi 7-figures in PROFIT over those 3 years. The method is running Instagram / Facebook video ads for physical products on his own Shopify website, and drop shipping the orders via Aliexpress If you want to get into e-commerce, his Ecom Foundations course is the BEST way to learn & get started. Sign up for the course at and use code LIVINTHATLIFE for a subscriber discount! In this interview, I ask him the secrets to success. He lays it all out. (PS. If you have been wanting to get into ecom, there has never been a better time than right now in this coronaconomy) Watch the video version on YouTube:

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