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Excited and grateful to be going LIVE this Friday @8am Pacific/11am Eastern on Living Fearlessly with Lisa McDonald on The Contact Talk radio Network! James Fadiman, PhD., began his psychedelic research in the 60's. He has run his own management-consulting firm, helped found a commune in New Mexico, and taught in several universities. He co-authored a textbook , now in its 7th edition, a few professional books, a self-help book and a psychedelic novel. He was the co-founder of The Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, now Sofia University. He has been a pioneer in rediscovering the effectiveness of microdoses and is now writing up that research and also completing a book about healthy multiplicity (selves) in us all. James is married to a gifted filmmaker and lives in Menlo Park, California. A NOT TO BE MISSED BROADCAST! Listenership: 145 countries, 220 TV/Radio Terrestrial Satellites and the potential for millions of I-Tune Downloads. Thank you for being one of almost 300K Living Fearlessly Podcast Subscribers. #Grateful #Radio #Podcasts #ToolsOfTitans #CSuiteRadioNetwork #Wikipedia #LivingFearlessly

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