Episode 117: Processing Venison for Independence


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It’s the first episode of 2019 and we had a wonderful week off. Today, I will talk through processing deer as well as share recipes along the way that we use.

My independence fund got a huge boost last week in the form of venison. 40 pounds to be more specific. Processing it cost me $38 in supplies, of which I only used ¼, so that works out to $.23 cents a pound spent for $120 in meat (conservatively). Add to that the 6-8 quarts of deer stock I will be canning and it was a pretty big score!


  • Skinning and gutting (How I learned to field dress)-- do not pierce the gallbladder!
  • Quartering
  • Tools & Knives
  • Some Cuts
  • Storage and Rigor

Make it a great week.

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