By Asking For Help You Can Live Full Out


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Season 2, Episode 25: The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari is driven to inspire listeners to reach out for help in times of need. For some people, asking for support is a sign of weakness. Others are afraid to look vulnerable and are fearful of rejection. In reality, asking for guidance can help relieve stress and provide different insights to the situation. Our first caller Will is searching for a way to discuss political topics with his family in a civil manner. Listen as Nancy guides Will the steps to have a healthy debate and how to acknowledge his family members different beliefs. Our second caller Laurisa has started to develop feelings for her best friend but doesn’t want to ruin the relationship they have today. Hear how Nancy tells Laurisa to take the risk by telling him the positive qualities she sees in him and even if he says no, she still can have a friendship with him. Today’s motivational guest is Chris Norton, who was in a football accident, leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. Although he had a three percent chance to a full recovery, Chris was able to stand and walk again. Tune in as Chris explains his journey to recovery and how asking for help is no longer a burden but an opportunity to meet caring, loving people. Our last caller Christina is searching for a way to say ‘no’ and to be more assertive so she can focus on her own needs. Find out how Nancy reminds Christina that she is a caring person and to not let that go but to map out time for herself for her own personal growth. When you ask for support, you are trusting and allowing the other individual to have the pride of giving. In the future, you can provide them support and as a result you can build a lasting relationship. The assistance we receive and give can be the key to help us live our lives full out.

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