How to Find the Right Words to Strengthen Our Communication So We Can Live Full Out


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Season 2, Episode 29: The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari is dedicated to inspire listeners to use their voice clearly and efficiently in order to connect with others. But to have effective communication, you need to develop the skill to listen. By listening, you are not just hearing the words or the information being communicated, but also understanding the emotions being conveyed. Our first caller Baili is trying to find the best way to encourage her aunt to communicate her emotions after the passing of Baili’s grandfather. Hear how Nancy encourages Baili to meet her aunt where she is by not talking at her but letting her feel safe in order to open up about the positive memories of her father. The second caller Katy is searching for a way to overcome being shy in professional settings in order to network. Find out how Nancy empowers Katy to use her voice and that by putting herself out there, the rewards of speaking up will outweigh the risks. Today’s inspirational guest is Daniel Wendler, who grew up with Aspergers and had to learn how to behave socially with others. Tune in as Daniel relives the struggles he faced growing up not being able to communicate effectively and how he was able to become an engaging, insightful communicator. To learn more about Daniel’s method of learning how to improve your social skills go to The last caller of the show Nana has been dating his girlfriend for two years but her habits have been causing him to grow impatient and irritated. Listen as Nancy reminds him that we all have quirks but in order to move forward he needs to find a compromise with his girlfriend followed with a consequence to break the habit. Having the ability to communicate strongly is a learned skill and becomes more powerful when the listener clearly understands the message. Take the risk and let others hear what you have to say. You are worth it. It takes time to have solid communication skills, but when the effort is put forward you will begin to see that you are making the steps to live your life full out.

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