Living Full Out Can Be Achieved With The Determination in Your Heart To Accomplish Your Dreams


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Season 3, Episode 4: The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari empowers listeners to use determination as a means to accomplish goals and maintain personal growth. We know the journey of life is not always smooth, but having the will to persevere can keep us on a direct path to fulfill our life’s purpose. Our first caller Paige recently has been let go from her job. The management that made the decision to let her go are also her friends. Nancy coaches her on how to continue the friendships with them without harboring resentment. Our second caller Pete looks for advice from Nancy regarding how to learn and embrace technology as an elderly 83 year old man in a rapidly evolving technological world. Our inspirational guest is Tony Hoffman. Tony grew up knowing he was a gifted athlete. He spent his high school years traveling the country as a BMX competitive racer and achieved the status of a top-ranked amateur along with multiple contract endorsements. Feeling entitled and hanging with the wrong crowd lead to using drugs and medication leading to a downward spiral of addiction. Tony ended up committing armed robbery, which landed him in prison. He was determined to use his downfall to climb his way back to success and achieving even more in life. Hear how he emerged back into the BMX racing circuit, eventually competing at the Olympic level. Our last caller Paul turns to Nancy for advice on how to stay strong for his family and his father who is sick with terminal stage 4 lung cancer. Nancy encourages him to have more family get-togethers, which is what his father loves and brings him joy. Each day is a new opportunity to challenge yourself by committing to be determined to reach your full potential. By staying the course we are ensuring a life where we are living full out.

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