Setting Yourself Free From Guilt So You Can Live Full Out

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Season 2, Episode 32: The Living Full Out Show with Nancy Solari encourages us to move past the guilt in our life. While it can be hard to look in the mirror and face what isn’t working, guilt can haunt us if we aren’t willing to go through that grieving process. Our first caller, Katrina, is having trouble deciding if she should visit her father in prison. Although there is a part of her that wants answers, she is afraid to face a man who is a rapist and a pedophile. Nancy urges Katrina to always follow her heart, and while it may be hard to ask the tough questions, her father might be able to offer her insight into his past. Our inspirational guest today is Brian Bayers. Brian suffered the traumatic loss of his 18 month son Jackson, when he accidentally backed his car over him. In that moment, all Brian wanted to do was die, but the thought of leaving his son kept him from doing so. Brian tells Nancy that calling his wife after the accident was the hardest thing he’s ever had to do. After all of this heartbreak, Brian tells Nancy that his wife was pregnant for a second time, but shortly after, miscarried. Trying to recover once again, Brian and his wife tried to become foster parents, but were turned away because of the recent accident with Jackson. Nancy assures Brian that there are a lot of angels looking over them. Today, Brian and his wife are expecting yet again, happy to be blessed with another chance. Our final caller, Jack, is wondering why he has always been afraid to commit in a relationship. When Nancy asks him if he is worried about the responsibilities that a relationship will bring, he confirms, saying he already has a lot of responsibilities. Nancy wants to know if Jack would be upset about missing out on relationships in life, to which Jack says yes. She encourages him to try it out, knowing that the positives often outweigh the risks. Sometimes it can be difficult to face our guilt being that we are afraid to think about what we have done. But if we are able to get through the pain, the other end will bring light and happiness. While negative thoughts can come into our head, we can push all of that aside and set ourselves free from guilt, to live full out.

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