Understand The Various Ways In Which Compromising In Life Can Set You Free To Live Full Out


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Season 2, Episode 38: The Living Full Out show with Nancy Solari encourages listeners to reach a compromise with the difficulties in our lives. While setting out a path for ourselves, we may hit a barrier that makes us doubt who we are. It is important that we discover what is truly holding us back in order to find a way to move forward. Our first caller, Renee, wishes his father would respect him as a grown individual and allow him to make his own decisions. Nancy suggests Renee to sit down with his father and lay these issues out. She emphasizes the importance of first acknowledging his father’s opinions, but then follow in expressing his need for independence. Our inspirational guest today is Dan Meyer, the world record sword swallower, who just made an appearance on television’s America’s Got Talent. Listen in to the intriguing journey Dan has taken from enduring a childhood filled with intense social anxiety to discovering “thromes,” an analogy to achieving one’s dreams. Take in Dan’s life lessons on how two seconds of courage can be all it takes to break our greatest fears. Our final caller, Samantha, is struggling to cope with the death of both of her parents and wonders what steps she can take to move forward. Nancy sympathizes with Samantha during this hard time and gives her a significant thought; to keep her parents with her in spirit and in her heart. Everyone goes through the grieving process in different ways. For some, it may be hard to talk about for a while, where for others, it may help to talk about it often. What is important is to make a compromise with the heart and consider how to push forward. We have all been faced with a difficult time in our lives, where it feels that our problems are holding us back to reaching our goals. By learning to compromise with these roadblocks, we grow and find our way back to our desired path. By working with these hurdles in small steps, we can create a way to living life full out.

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