Breeds of Faith VII


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Breeds of Faith VII
Jesus operated as a breed of man that his contemporaries have never seen before. When they saw Jesus they were both in shock and awe asking… What breed of faith is this? The God breed of faith. Once again after 400 years of silence Gods, people have degenerated into faithless generation.
Moses’ generation had 400 years of silence that brought them to the point of faithlessness, Malachi to Mathew also had 400 years of silence that once again brought them to a state of faithlessness. God led the first group around 40 years in the wilderness to kill off that faithless generation.
But something different would happen this second time around. First time coming out of 400 years of silence was to establish the kingdom of Israel in the earth however the second time coming out of 400 years of silence was to establish the kingdom of God in the earth. One of the differences between Moses generation of unbelievers and Jesus' generation of unbelievers is that a New Divine Order would be brought in with the New Birth. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Living Proof TV is the teaching and preaching ministry of Bishop Joseph R. Castillo D.D. Being both blessed and distressed with a unique persona that the irreligious world loves and the overly religious world loathes. Yet as fate would have it, he is both a former Chicago gang member and reputable minister of the gospel at the same time. Having an in-depth teaching ministry accompanied by mighty signs, wonders, and miracles, is not what makes his ministry most interesting, Dr. Castillo is also a television celebrity in China where he is known for his humorous style and fun-loving Mandarin songs on CCTV and other movies and commercials.
If you think this is another religious show then you'll be surprised by the fresh breath of air Dr. Castillo brings to life and faith in the modern day we live. All Nations International Fellowship operates in 17 nations of the world, witnessing miracles, healings, salvation and outpourings of Holy Spirit in signs, wonders and manifestations. His vision remains to reach non-evangelized people groups in Laos, Vietnam, Mongolia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and China. And currently oversees three Churches in Asia.
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