How Making An Impact Gave Dr. Delrae Messer Her Life Back & More


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I’ll be honest, I have been targeted over the years by numerous companies like Arbonne, Isagenix, Beach Body, Body by Vie and the list goes on. Each message is beautifully crafted with a compliment and then a suggestion that I would be perfect for a product and an opportunity to have increased income.

I’ve politely declined them all.
With that being said- I feel the role I have created here on this podcast is to provide information, knowledge and tips on living your best life and so I wanted to explore the subject more and not be totally closed off to certain products. I was introduced to a beautiful and incredibly warm woman Dr. Delrae Messer a few months ago and knew she would be perfect person to explain, share and inform us on the world of Isagenix.
Who better to learn from then one of their top leaders and performers who earned 6 figures within her first 6 months with the company. Having spoken to her I know its not about closing the deal but rather about building relationships and a community.
Breifly, A former track and field athlete, Delrae went on to become a chiropractor while also creating and developing her own neutrocitcal line. She walked away from it all to join Isagenix. A single mother of 2, Dr. DelRae Messer, is CEO of Free Life Global, a global health and wellness company committed to helping people transform their lives through nutrition solutions.
We hit it off within two seconds of meeting and felt like the energy in the room could change the world for the better- thats always a great feeling to have :)

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