Podcast #284: Verano Putrido from Aug 12, 2016


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mGee - "Dark, Cold, and Inhospitable (Forever)" - MK31
Ant the Symbol - "Night is the Enemy" - Wisdom Isn’t Real
C-Doc - "Track 45 Right" - Do Androids Die For Electric Sins?
Transient - "Badonk" - Wonky Bypass
Lezet - "Prodavnica kaseta" - Balkan Under the Radar, Vol. 4 (V/A)
Nemanja Velimirovic - "Ništa" - Balkan Under the Radar, Vol. 4 (V/A)
Vitamin Pets - "Seven Sisters Singing" - Death FM
Teratoma - "Verano Pútrido" - La Rendición de las Piñatas Mutantes
Half Cocked - "Ghabi Ghabi" - Tool Box
Komiku - "Un Coin Loin du Monde" - It's time for adventure !
Monplaisir - "10 bucks guitar and dental floss strings #3" - Heat of the Summer
Jorge Mario Zuleta - "Coco" - Coco http://www.wfmu.org/playlists/shows/67967

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