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By now we all know online reviews are a necessity for a local business. Your reputation and public ratings are an instant edification of your business and show potential customers what they can expect if they patronize you. If you are getting good reviews and have a sizable amount of reviews, you can leverage what we call “review clout” and expand your business into new revenue streams. In this episode, we talk about how to find the related niches for your business, where your review clout can quickly get you new business and dominate the competition!

  • Getting reviews is always very important for your business
  • Ask customers face to face for reviews to get as many as possible
  • Use automation like ReviewLead to capture even more reviews for your business
  • Once you have high review count and high review rating you can leverage it for new revenue streams
  • Find niches that you can serve that have low competition
  • Look for competitors in the map pack that have low review scores
  • Add keywords and optimizations to your GMB and website for the niche to gain visibility

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