How To Use Tips to Retain Employees with Kirk Grogan


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On today’s episode of Local Bites, we talk to Kirk Grogan, the honorary co-founder of Tip House. Kirk is discussing how Tip Haus has helped restaurants, offering advice on all things marketing and business, and his own experience in the hospitality industry.

To contact Kirk, you can email him at or learn more about what Tip Haus offers on their website,

[00:00] Show intro
[00:32] Welcome to Kirk
[00:50] Kirk’s restaurant experience
[01:35] From beginning the journey to joining Tip Haus
[03:49] Going through COVID as a new startup
[07:13] How Tip Haus solves pain points
[11:03] Transparency and staff retention
[13:52] Successes and mistakes employers can make
[18:23] How can restaurants benefit from higher tipping?
[21:37] Tip averages for quick service restaurants
[23:15] Guest perception of tipping
[26:53] What are good marketing practices to bring guests in?
[33:26] Kirk’s advice for a new restaurant owner
[34:38] How to learn more about Tip Haus
[35:16] Outro

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