Is Yasiel Puig Being Railroaded? The Facts About His Situation, with New, Disturbing Information


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Former Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig agreed to plead guilty to lying to federal investigators, only to later back out. Why did he agree to plead guilty in the first place? And what new evidence led him to change his mind? Jeff Snider did a lot of digging, studying court documents and statements, and even talking to anonymous associates of Puig to try to get to the truth. We maybe didn't get all the way to the truth, but we got closer than we were, including uncovering the identity of "Agent 1," the bookie who placed bets on Puig's behalf. Agent 1's identity is important because what Puig is being charged with is lying about how he knew Agent 1, and as Jeff uncovers in this episode, it's likely he wasn't lying at all.

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