Travis Watson on the Gillen Era, Mount Rushmore, And1 Jerseys, Championships and Special Guest Willie Dersch joins.


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This week we have a one of the best big men in UVA history join. We take a different order this week as we’re on Italy time. Fresh jumps in to ask about his Mount Rushmore. Willie Dersch Joins the podcast to catch up with Travis and we walk through his recruitment to UVA and the ups and downs of his UVA career. Travis talk about his transfer thoughts, his time amazing run to the top 5 and much much more. You don’t want to miss one of the all time greats.

Photos include: Roster, the Schedule, Adam Hall and Travis on the scorer’s table, Adam Hall Dunking, The And 1 jerseys. UMBC, Coach Tony Bennett, National championship, and Kneeling for injustice.

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