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Weigh In

I weighed in at 226.6 on May 11th. Today I'm weighing in a 228.6 which is somewhat frustrating. Typically I have some really good days and other days where I go over 2000 calories. So I've been inching my way back up, and that's why I decided to try something new.

How Did Adelle Lose Weight

According to her trainer, "She has been doing three things:

Eating a balanced and inclusive diet.

Going outside your comfort zone with a regular exercise routine.

Getting restful sleep to allow your body and mind to recover.

Ultimately, he said, you need to be patient.

Dynamic Resistance and Yoga

So I've heard about Yoga, and if you take the mediation part out I just wanted the exercise. I found that in an online program from an ex-professional wrestler call DDP Yoga. The guy's name is Diamond Dallas Paige and he suffered an injury in his back and used Yoga to get back in shape. While he is very much a "dude" this can be used by anyone.

In simple terms, it's like flexing all of your muscles as you move from one position to another. Dynamic resistance increases your heart rate and gets you into your Fat Burning zone. It converts slow-moving, easy activity into fat-blasting muscle toning that quickly builds a sexy, slender, strong body.

Without Lifting a Weight My Heart Rate Was Over 100

I was amazed at doing what appeared to be stretching my heart was going up and up and up. Here is an example if you're sitting in a chair try to push your knees out as you try to pull them in. Another option is to use your arms. Try to move your knees outward as you push on the outside of your knee and push inward. It's your legs vs your arms.

What I liked about this Program after Three Days

You can start at any level. They even had some workouts where you are in your bed. Then you migrate to a chair, then eventually standing.

DDP Yoga also offers many modifications to the poses. This is especially helpful for me. According to Men's Journal, men are more likely to get injured doing Yoga as we don't listen to our bodies.

They summarized it is " For a relatively small investment of time and money, DDP Yoga offers a safe and sensible way to tone up and get the flexibility training you likely need. But don’t rely on it as a stand-alone cardio – or weight training – routine."

Why Am I Trying Yoga?

I have some nice gym equipment, and as Oprah said, "We can always find an excuse," but in some cases have to wear special pants (for my bike to save my butt), or what can seem like a harsh reality to get on a treadmill right out of bed, right now it's me in a pair of shorts in my living room. My Yoga Matt shows up this week (so I didn't wait for it to show up).

I've always thought Yoga was too "woo woo" for me, but as I get older, being able to stretch and maintain flexibility is going to become more important. I don't want to end up like to many older people who are hunched over. I realize sometimes there is a condition that causes that, but for now after three workouts over a week, I like it.

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