UnSpun 189 – Nathan Martin: “Trivium Refresher Pt.2: Fallacies and Rhetoric”


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UnSpun 189 – Nathan Martin: “Trivium Refresher Pt.2: Fallacies and Rhetoric”

Live Tuesday at 5pm Pacific time – UnSpun #189 - simulcast on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch: Nathan Martin re-joins us to discuss the trivium and to refresh us on how to think critically with a focus on fallacies and rhetoric.

Nathan Martin and his wife Aline Van Meer created an integrative methodology called the Unity Process, which combines Natural Law, the Trivium Method, Socratic Questioning, Jungian shadow work, and Meridian Tapping—into an easy to use system that allows people to process their emotional upsets, work through trauma, correct poor thinking, discover meaning, set healthy boundaries, and refine their viewpoints. We practice it together in our groups, and in our individual sessions.

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