LOI Weekly S03 E36 - Ian Morris, Shane Supple, Shane Dawson and Karl Sheppard


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It's a Shels Special this week! Well kind of! We hear all about "Life after football!". Does it exist? who's fault is it anyway if it does? We give free reign to Johnny this week as he decides if Shane Dawson is a worthy successor to the Swiss Skyped Six Day absentee Dan McDonnell, who's in hiding from a Swiss chambermaid over a fifteen minute checkout breach. Spilling turkey salad all over his rather natty suit on his lunch break, is one time goalkeeper and now time corporate recruiter Shane Supple, and he is joined on our leather couch by Shels manager Ian Morris to debate, the Irish team's lack of performance, the European run in, and the collegiate life. Karl Sheppard dials in from Cork and Johnny doesn't mention Galway once. But can Ian Morris name every single player who's going to be at Shels next year? Can he? It's episode thirtysomething and whaddya know, there's no sign of Ken Olin.....

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