LSE Festival 2019 | New World Order 2035 [Audio]


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Speaker(s): Dr Liam Kofi Bright, Dr Rebecca Elliott, Dr Barbara Fasolo, Dr Seeta Peña Gangadharan, Dr Ilka Gleibs and Dr George Lawson | What will the world look like in the not too distant future? By 2035 how could the way we live, work, interact with each other and understand ourselves have changed? Join a panel of LSE academics for some informed speculation. Liam Kofi Bright is Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method at LSE. Rebecca Elliott is Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at LSE. Barbara Fasolo is Associate Professor of Behavioural Science in the Department of Management at LSE. Seeta Pena Gangadharan is Assistant Professor in the Department of Media and Communications at LSE. Ilka Gleibs is Assistant Professor in Social and Organisational Psychology in the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science at LSE. George Lawson is Associate Professor in the Department of International Relations at LSE. Twitter hashtags for this event: #LSEFestival #NewWorldDisorders This event is part of the LSE Festival: New World (Dis)Orders running from Monday 25 February to Saturday 2 March 2019, with a series of events exploring how social science can tackle global problems. The full programme will be online in January 2019.

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