Diff'rent Strokes: S1E1: Movin' In (Pilot Episode)


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Hey Everyone, Angela Bowen, the host of the new podcast, Diff'rent Strokes To Move The World: An Unofficial Diff'rent Strokes Podcast. Today, I covered S1E1: Movin' In, which aired on November 3, 1978. In this episode Philip Drummond is a wealthy Manhattan industrialist who takes in Arnold and Willis Jackson, the two sons of his late housekeeper; Drummond is white and the boys are black. Arnold, age 8, is excited about the opportunity of a privileged life, but Willis, age 13, feels that Mr. Drummond is trying to buy their love with expensive gifts. I really enjoyed this episode and felt that this was a good first episode for a show, giving us just enough insight on the characters, to slowly over time form an attachment and keep us tuned in to see how they grow and learn over the course of time. We definitely learn that Arnold is the kid who loves to eat and he seems more accepting to change while Willis is the one who takes longer to warm up to someone, always on his guard and will be constantly questioning and challenging his new father's authority. Kimberly Drummond, Phillip's daughter will bring a nice feminine perspective to the boy's life. I loved how she was so open and receptive to the boys upon their arrival. Phillip Drummond, has a lot to learn from Arnold and Willis and he has a lot to teach them, we will see a lot of culture and class clashing at least in the first three seasons or so. And of course, Mrs. Garrett, who provides comedic relief for the show and a mother figure for the children. As it stands right now, this podcast will be once a month until I finish with the Silver Spoons Podcast in late summer of this year and then the Diff'rent Strokes Podcast will be twice a month. Join me next month when I cover S1E2: The Social Worker, which aired on November 10, 1978. In this episode a social worker investigates the boys' home life and tells Mr. Drummond that she believes black children belong in black households. When Drummond tells this to Mrs. Garrett while she is vacuuming the living room, Arnold overhears this and comes to the conclusion that he doesn't want them around anymore. If you'd like to EMAIL The Podcast with your own thoughts and critiques send them to: punkypowerpbpodcast@gmail.com Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Positive!

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