Growing Pains: S4E8: Ben's First Kiss


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Welcome to the Weekend Seaver Fans! Angela Bowen here, the host of Show Me That Smile Again: A Growing Pains Podcast. How far would you go to impress your crush? Would you go so far as to throw yourself a pretend birthday party like Ben? Today the next BEN SEAVER EPISODE I'm covering is S4E8: Ben’s First Kiss, which aired on, December 7, 1988. In this episode Ben wants to score a date with a classmate who is not allowed to date. He throws himself a spontaneous birthday party at home and invites her. With help from Mike and Carol, they concoct a scheme to make it all happen. I rated this episode 3/5 I liked Ben's new haircut I thought even though it was risky Ben's idea to throw himself a fake birthday party just so he could hang out with his crush was super ballsy, but cool to. Also Mike and Carol helping him out was a nice touch. Ben receiving his first kiss, proves our little Benny is growing up. I really disliked Mike calling Carol a pig or fat this episode. Mike impression of an middle easterner was insulting and offensive to say the least. Can someone paton the Cologne Forever Butterscotch. I know Mike just made it up, but I'm all for sweet treat scented cologne or perfume, I'd wear the hell out of it! Join me next week when Ben realizes not all celebrities are as great as we make them out to be in our mind when Ben meets guesting Brad Pitt as rock star idol Jonathan Keith. in S4E16: Feet Of Clay, which aired on February 8, 1989. Don't Forget to SUBSCRIBE to ITUNES, SOUNDCLOUD or PODBEAN so you don't miss an episode of the Growing Pains, Small Wonder or Mr. Belvedere Podcast(who will make an appearance from time to time on the podcast). Also all 6 Seasons of Wonder Years Podcast are available for you to download as well as Silver Spoons Season 1. Find The Podcast On FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM at Show Me That Smile Again: A Growing Pains Podcast or growingpainspod to follow along and find out about upcoming episodes. The links to the pages are located on this Soundcloud Page. If you'd like to email the podcast you can do so at Have A Great Weekend Everyone!

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