S3 E5 Queer Eye, Chinese “Queer Eye” and the Modern Makeover Show


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This is a very special episode. It’s a celebration of the second anniversary of Loud Murmurs. We’re very excited to share this with you all.

Hosts Afra, Izzy, Ina and Diaodiao talk about Queer Eye, the popular Netflix makeover show. We discuss how its tagline “more than a makeover” manifests itself over this season; the structural inequality and cultural conflicts revealed and then brushed off by the show; Fab 5’s celebrity status and how that plays into the dynamics.

We also, for research purposes, watched a Chinese makeover show that has been accused of copying the format of Queer Eye, called “You are so beautiful.” We talk in depth about the show’s reinforcement of stringent gender roles, the lack of diversity in all aspects and how that ties into the culture of censorship in China.

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